Portmantô... in your living room???

Portmantô recently gave its first house concert at a birthday party for a group of wonderful friends.  In consultation over the course of a few weeks, we tailored the program to their musical tastes--of course with a few surprises.  The evening started with violist Pemi Paul giving a stunning and highly personalized performance of the Bach Chaconne over appetizers.  Clarinetist Mark Bradley then performed Stravinsky's seminal Three Pieces for clarinet solo, exploring different characters that this highly versatile wind instrument is capable of taking on.  Next, violinist Mira Benjamin gave her best rendition yet of Taylor Brook's Vocalise, with a drone in the dining room and one in the upstairs computer room.

Our hosts delighted the ensemble with a Mediterranean dinner during the entr'acte prior to the duos.  Mark and Mira performed some new arrangements of some of the Bach 2 part inventions, a birthday gift from Taylor Brook to the guest of honor.  This was followed by a highly idiosyncratic interpretation of Mozart's G-major duo for violin and viola, which one guest referred to as warming his heart to Mozart for the first time. We'd like to extend a humble thank you to our gracious hosts for inviting us to share our music with them in such a beautiful setting.

Portmantô is delighted by the opportunity to perform in intimate and unusual venues; speak to us if you recently have been feeling that your chambers are unusually devoid of live performers.  Music in these environments speaks in an entirely different voice than the concert stage and provides our patrons a creative way to support Montréal's performing arts community.

Live concerts in your home. How exotic!